The Top 5 Advantages of Going Paperless in the Aesthetics Industry

The Top 5 Advantages of Going Paperless in the Aesthetics Industry

Consent Forms, Consultations Forms and Medical History Forms are an unavoidable and essential part of running an aesthetics business. When customers come in for their appointments, you need to get all of these important forms completed before you can get started with their treatment. But going paperless in the aesthetics industry can make the whole form filling process way easier and it has a lot of other benefits too.


Your business offers cutting edge treatments to help your patients look and feel great, but if you’re still relying on the outdated method of using paper forms then it’s time to bring your business up to date and go digital instead. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider going paperless in the aesthetics industry.



A Better Customer Experience


Customer experience is extremely important in the aesthetics industry and even though the quality of treatments and the attitude of you and/or your employees are the most important things to consider, there are some small things that can also ruin a customer’s experience including being asked to fill out lengthy forms with all of your medical information before you can have your treatment.


No one likes filling out forms especially in front of other people and if there is a time pressure (because they are late arriving) then this only adds to the stress.


By making the form-filling process an easy one by enabling clients to complete their part of the forms on their phone, in their own time removes this stress and will improve their experience of the process. You can add the forms to your website, social media and send them via Email, Whatsapp, Messenger and any other electronic means.



Accurate Information


There’s a reason that you need to collect medical information from your customers. If they are coming in to have a treatment for the first time, it’s important that you know that they aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients and do not have any underlying health conditions.


You can’t take any chances here, so you need accurate information. But getting accurate information can be tough when the customer misses out half of the boxes on the form and you can’t read the other half because their handwriting is so bad. If you go paperless and get people to fill out digital forms instead, you don’t need to worry about that. Everything will be perfectly clear and you can set mandatory fields so they don’t miss any vital information out.



Increased Productivity


How much time do you waste printing out and scanning forms or filing them away once they are filled out? That’s all wasted time which could be spent with your customers instead.


Digital forms can be sent out to customers before their appointment so they can fill them out in their own time, complete on any device and sign electronically. When they come in for their appointment, all or at least most of the form filling is complete and you can focus on their treatment, which means an increase in productivity.



Better Data Security


Your customers don’t want their personal information and medical history to be public knowledge, so it’s up to you to protect all of the data that you collect. But it’s hard to do that if you just have it all on bits of paper in a filing cabinet in the back office.


Digital forms can be stored securely and backed up automatically, so all of your data is secure and you are minimising your risk compared to paper based forms.



Reduce Paper Usage


Every time you print out a form you are not only adding to global deforestation but you are also creating additional waste and you will need to file and store that paper based form once complete.


Filing cabinets take up valuable space and having paper forms always has the risk of them getting lost, misplaced or damaged (eaten by the dog or ruined by a coffee spill!)



So as you can see – going paperless makes complete sense and has so many benefits plus it’s quick and easy to get set up! You can sign up for a Free Aesthetics Forms account now – all you have to do is register, choose your form templates and you’re ready to go!


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