A Paperless Case Study: Marie Brown Aesthetics Academy

Marie Brown Aesthetics Academy

Marie Brown Aesthetics Training Academy is a Leeds-based, multi award winning academy offering a wide range of training courses, masterclasses and client services within the cosmetic and aesthetics industry.


As Marie’s business grew, so did the increasing challenge to maintain clear and accurate records to protect both the client and the business in the event of any complications.


Solutions / Benefits

Paper forms need to be kept in locked cabinets on a safe premise and are only as safe as the physical security measures that have been put in place by the business. By using a paper-based system, losing records is a risk to clients’ confidentiality and the protection of Marie’s business.


Having incomplete forms with missing information was also becoming an issue as the number of clients increased. The paper form sections being left blank by the client would result in additional business time spent on retrieving the missing details from the client. Unnoticed incomplete sections on paper can become troublesome if a claim is to be made by the client.


When using paper forms there are various aspects where time isn’t being spent efficiently. The client would need to spend a large proportion of time before each appointment completing the form which, if they were late, would then eat into their allocated appointment time, negatively affecting the business’ timetable. Time would also be spent on printing the relevant forms ready for the clients to complete, searching for existing records before each appointment, as well as filing completed forms.


As the number of clients increased, so did the number of forms and the cost to produce them. The average cost to print a single sheet of paper is £0.07. £0.02 is for the purchase of a single sheet of paper and £0.05 to print that single sheet. If the form has more than one singular page, which medical history forms often do, then this cost would increase per sheet. This does not account for time used to purchase the paper, print the forms and the energy costs allocated to printing.


By going paperless with Aesthetics Forms, Marie has been able to overcome these new challenges, resulting in an appealing, business minded, streamlined process for staff, students and the clients.


“I cannot believe how this online paperless form system has literally changed my working process for the better! It’s perfect for all my Cosmetic Aesthetics treatments and is so simple to use.”


Aesthetics Forms is a cloud-based software, with the client forms stored securely on Amazon Web Services servers, which are viewed as some of the most secure data facilities in the world, with secure protocols such as encryption during transmission and at rest. This gives both Marie and her clients peace of mind that the records are safe and can be accessed whenever required.

“I don’t have to worry as the forms go straight to the cloud storage. I couldn’t imagine storing all that paper in storage boxes anymore!”


Aesthetic Forms also include features such as time and date stamped signatures, data validation and mandatory fields which ensure forms are completed in full – in turn improving the quality, consistency and accuracy of clients’ data.


Keeping up-to-date client records is not only about compliance, but also about having time-efficient processes that allow Marie to focus on providing excellent customer service. By using online Medical History & Consent Forms and Treatment Records, Marie and her team can easily search for and access the client’s record at each appointment and review the previously submitted data to ensure the treatment is still suitable. Any changes to the medical history are recorded and consent from the client can be given by re-signing the form.


“It’s amazing when my regular clients have follow up treatments and all I need to do is search for their name on the system and I can easily update their record.”

Using paperless forms, Marie’s clients can also benefit from completing and submitting the forms remotely, which increases the focus of the appointment on the clients’ treatment and experience. This better use of time helps to build a genuine, long-term relationship with each potential and current client.

“Aesthetics Forms has so many different templates to offer, and with the ability to fully edit these I can ensure they meet all my requirements. I can also create my own forms with the help of easy to follow tutorial videos. I can record in depth treatment information with lots of space for treatment comments and also allows me to capture all the before and after photos I need.”


Switching to paperless forms has also benefited Marie’s business from a cost perspective. Forms are submitted on a credit basis, where one form submission deducts one credit from the account balance, no matter how many pages the form includes. Marie’s chosen subscription plan works out as £0.20 per credit, with added cost benefits of administration time saved before, during and after each appointment.


Overall, going paperless has offered Marie an easier, safer and more efficient way of managing the business. Not only does it simplify aspects of running the academy, but it has also allowed the business to grow and succeed whilst improving sustainability and offering clients a better quality service.

“A perfect online form solution – I couldn’t imagine where I would be without it now. It has streamlined my consultations and treatments and given me more quality time with my clients and students.”


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