Why Is Client Consent Important For Permanent Makeup?

How important are Client Consent Forms for Permanent Makeup?

As a skilled practitioner of permanent makeup, the treatments you offer your clients will generally be considered safe.


However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t risks involved. As with any cosmetic procedure, there could be occasions when something goes wrong during or after applying treatment. 


Why Is Client Consent Important For Permanent Makeup?


Common risks associated with permanent makeup include skin infections, allergic reactions, and the development of growths, such as granulomas. These can sometimes be out of your control, although there could be instances when you do make a mistake during the procedure.


Your client might also consider the final results unsatisfactory, despite your best efforts when giving treatment. 


To protect yourself from liabilities, you should always get patient consent for permanent makeup before treatment takes place. 


Permanent Makeup Consent


A completed Permanent Makeup Consent Form will confirm that your client is aware of the nature of the procedure, the risks involved, and the potential complications and consequences.


By signing the form, your client agrees to carry on with the treatment, despite knowing the risks. This will ensure you aren’t held accountable should anything go wrong during or after the procedure, be that an allergic reaction or dissatisfaction from the client. 


If you failed to get client consent and something did go wrong, you could be sued.


As you will understand, not only would this hurt your financial position but your reputation as a skilled practitioner would be affected too. 


At Aesthetics Forms we have a large selection of ready to use Aesthetics Form Templates, including:

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There is no right or wrong method of completing a consent form, they all have advantages and disadvantages. However,  Online Forms will save you time, save you space, improve the customer experience and all of your forms will be stored and backed-up securely online…leaving you to focus on what you do best…the treatments and not administration. 


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