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Why Consent Is Important With Radiofrequency

Non-surgical anti-aging treatments are a popular way for people to improve the firmness of their skin. Radiofrequency therapy is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment designed to improve the skin’s firmness and reduce the signs of aging.
If your clinic offers radiofrequency therapy, it is essential you obtain consent from your clients before you start the treatment. Gaining consent protects both you and the client; here is why consent is vital with radiofrequency:

Reduces Risk for the Client

Understanding the potential risks of the treatment and side effects is beneficial for your clients. While radiofrequency therapy has many benefits, there are possible side effects that can occur, such as burns to the skin and swelling.
When your clients have lots of information about the radiofrequency therapy and understand the possible side effects of the treatment, they will be able to make an informed decision.

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Here is a short video showing you how to get your consent form online in 3 simple steps:

Reduces Risk for Your Clinic

Maintaining your clinic’s reputation is essential, but a bad review or legal challenge could destroy your clinic’s good name. Ensuring that you have a process in place that enables you to obtain consent from your clients before you carry out the radiofrequency session is vital. Radiofrequency omits a low level of radiation, so informing your clients about this and ensuring that they are aware of this when they provide their consent will protect your clinic from future issues.

Using a Radiofrequency Consent Form from Aesthetics Forms will allow you to gain consent quickly and without the hassle of designing your own consent forms.

Radiofrequency Consent Form Template

You can view and test our Online Radiofrequency Consent Form by clicking on the template image below.

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